Barbican Box aims to ignite and support theatre making in schools and colleges through a process of devising and creating work from scratch.

What is Barbican Box?

Each year, Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning commission a theatre artist or company to design and curate the Barbican Box to provide an artistic starting point from which teachers and students devise their own play. Each year we pose the same question to our artistic partner – ‘what would you put in the Barbican Box?’ Inspired by the theatre work presented on the Barbican’s stages every year, imagination and creativity are at the heart of Barbican Box.

How does it work?

Barbican Box is a portable box filled with the ‘ingredients’ for making and creating theatre, containing a range of stimuli, ideas and provocations designed to encourage an imaginative, theatrical and adventurous approach to theatre making. Accompanying the Box is a package of resources to support the devising process with your group, including teachers’ CPD at the Barbican, artist mentor visits to your school/college, free theatre tickets to a Barbican performance and online learning resources.

One of the distinctive elements of the project is that each year every group receives exactly the same box and identical resources as the starting point for this process, but where they take the ideas from this creative stimulus will be entirely driven by the teacher and their students – we simply provide the catalyst for creative experimentation.

The Box is both a work of art and an education tool in its own right.

Barbican Box aims to

  • Support and facilitate theatre making in schools and colleges
  • Introduce young people to the possibilities of theatre
  • Provide ongoing training and artistic development for teacher
  • Support and enrich the delivery of core curriculum
  • Connect schools and youth groups with the Barbican's world class arts programme, providing access to the leading artists and companies who visit our stages every year
  • Promote creativity and the voice of young people within the classroom
  • Encourage and nurture a lifelong relationship with the Barbican